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meet the FOUNDERS

Married in life. Married in business. 2 entrepreneurs with a beautiful vision – TASTE THE PASSION



Founder + CEO + Product Innovation

The visionary man on a mission. The guy with the fearless "just go and do it attitude. The one always ready to help. The dude who started it all. Product genius and natural born entrepreneur who loves building what could be.

Hometown: Coeur d' Alene, Idaho
Favorite Quote: "Those who think they can and think they can't are both usually right."

Locally Crafted  |  #BRINGLOCALBACK


Blake's STORY // snippet

Blake grew up surrounded by farmland, fresh fruit trees, and extreme winters. He was accustomed to working hard and doing manual labor at an early age. His father was a head of the times - juicing, taking mineral supplements and planting his own produce. Blake moved all over the west coast in search of finding the best opportunities. He knew he wanted to start his own business one day. As years passed, he became a Starbucks addict, which came with horrible effects. After meeting Amanda they both decided to get healthy, kick coffee and soda to outer-space. Blake started experimenting with juicing, brewing coffees in new ways, and creating healthy alternatives to traditional beverages. He finally decided it was time to take the leap and start his own business. First it was a Juice Lounge, then a Superfood Coffee Company - which both came together to be what it is today. 


Founder + Queen + Brand Innovation

Inspired to inspire. Woman on a mission. Thirsty for knowledge and ready to move. Geek of sorts. Weak in the knees for anything futuristic and innovative. Dreaming of what could be and designing what should be.

Hometown: Brownsville, Texas
Favorite Quote: "Your dreams are realities waiting to happen, action is the only way."

Super Heroes Needed |  #GIRLBOSS

Clark Kent
kefir soda.

amanda's STORY // snippet

Born in a small border town in Texas, where healthy foods were unpopular, fresh produce was shipped out to California, and the the beach was beautiful. Being a foodie, it was hard to not go crazy once she came out to California. There were so many new foods that she had never had before. Year after year she became very ill. Dozens of doctors were stumped and she felt as if there was nothing anyone could do - until a shy R.N. came and and told her to completely change her eating habits as she might have food allergies (no gluten, no dairy, no processed crap, no sodas, no sugary sweets) After a few months of withdrawals and determination she was on the fast track to optimal health and hardly got sick. Once she met Blake, it was over! They surrounded themselves with books, articles, videos & health focused people. They starting learning about nutrition, diet and the rest is history.


We are health geeks who care deeply about quality ingredients, pure water sources, and nutrition.
We care. You care. It's perfect.

… and so, Superfood & Company was created!


small teams
CAN do big things



The beginning

We founded this company with a passion for Ingredients, Innovation and Quality. It is what fuels us.
It all started with late night talks about innovation in the beverage space, ideas we had for products and the possibilities of what could be.

The Journey.


stay true.


Fuel the passion.

FACTS you didn't know

We are a husband and wife startup.
It's a partnership on so many levels <3

We are bootstrapping.
Love it!

We do everything in house.
We create, make and deliver our own products.
We also do all our own branding, design, marketing, sales, distribution, build outs and everything in between.

We are geeks.
check out our 'Ingredient Geek' webisodes

We are all die-hard GOT fans.
Don't even get us started.

For more insight into who, what, where, why...
Check out our blog

Favorite Sayings


"Work hard, be nice and great things will happen." - Conan


"If you can do what you do best and be happy, you are further along in life than most people." - Leo


"The meaning of life is not to simply exist, to survive, but to move ahead, achieve and conquer." - Arnold


"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Ghandi