booch {boo-ch}


Kombucha (a.k.a booch) is packed with digestive acids, beneficial bacteria, and beneficial yeast. It is also low in sugar, has immune boosting properties and is caffeinated. Kombucha is also rich in enzymes, bio-available vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants.

*Because Kombucha is a fermented beverage there might be trace amounts of alcohol*



Most Kombuchas are made with plain, processed, refined sugars that are stripped of their natural benefits. 

SUPERBOOCH™ is fed a nutritious blend of organic demerara and sucanat that has a buffet of nutrients, molasses, minerals and much more!

Sugar Cane is highly nutritious!
It's long thick roots that go deep into the soil to absorb minerals in ways other plants can't which makes it a superhero plant in it's own right.

Demerara: {dem-er-air-ah}
minimally processed cane sugar. 

Sucanat: {sue-kah-not}
dehydrated cane juice.

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