unique products

Innovation is key. Our products are unique, original and add value to any menu or tap. They were created out of passion, crafted through innovation, & made just for you.


high quality

Quality isn’t defined just by labels. We are big believers of this! That is why we source quality ingredients, water, and produce even if it takes us some time. You can taste it.


local fan base

We love our fans!!! With our roots in San Diego we have grown and nurtured our local fans and supporters of over 25,000+ amazing people. They are our fuel.

COmmunity connection

Community is so important. Not only for businesses, but for people. We have a large network within the community we can open to you to grow together.





You guys have the best customer service we have ever seen in the industry, and we partner with a lot of vendors.
— Flower Child Team, Del mar
Are you kidding!? We just ordered a few hours ago, you guys are the best. Thank you! You saved the day!
— TinLeaf, carlsbad
Superbooch® is out selling all our other kombuchas!
— Trilogy, La Jolla
We have fanatics come in just to get your coffee... and growlers of it!
— Healthy Creations, Encinitas

Our beverages are a great compliment for vegan cafes & healthy hot spots to high end restaurants & bars.
They make amazing additions to your menu, tap system and customers absolutely love it!