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ORIGIN: Brazil
POWERS: anti-aging, circulation
FLAVOR: tart & creamy

DESCRIPTION: Cupuacu is extremely popular in South America, especially Brazil, and is poised to become the next big super fruit. Nicknamed “Jaggernaut” of fruits, and the cousin to cacao. With a flavor similar to a tart custard that is creamy and light.

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Native to North America, aronia berries, aka chokeberries, are merging into mainstream as a bona fide health food. The small dark berries of the Aronia melanocarpa plant are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, such as vitamin C and anthocyanins, and offer wonderful health benefits for those who want to improve their health through better nutrition. Fresh aronia berries are commonly used to make juice, jam, syrup, and wine.

flavor: tart
superpower: anti-aging