Taking you back to the beginning of it all
… Early January 2010 we met and instantly clicked over a list of commonalities and passions. Yes, you can call it instant love and attraction. We knew it was special when we both had invention books, loved chatting about ideas and most of all - we loved loved loved product creation & learning. We immediately became a bit obsessive over healthy eats, drinks and lifestyle. We started juicing, making smoothies and creating healthy drinks & food which was the spark to everything. We would share our creations with friends and neighbors who raved about it and told us it was terrible at the same time HA! The feedback helped us rethink the idea that healthy doesn’t have to lack in flavor. Not long after that, we launched our cold brewed Superfood Coffee® and never looked back.

Funny tid bit, back in early 2012 we started juicing which left us with tons of pulp. Blake built a huge dehydrator (looked like a coffin on our little apartment patio HA!) We then started dehydrating the pulp and were about to launch a fiber brand. Nope - scratch that. Fun but we thought it wasn’t our passion. Then in 2013, Blake started Juice Lounge®, a juice cleanse & nutrition brand. It was hard to keep up as most of his time was sourcing local and organic produce. Soon after, along side the amazing juice recipes, Blake launched a healthy coffee alternative for those who still wanted to drink coffee. It was a hit! Other products followed, the branding changed, the name changed and it took on a life of it’s own as Superfood Coffee®, Synergy Superfood Blends & more. We knew we were on to something spectacular and exciting. Flash forward to now, we have a new name, brand, team of people, list of products and big goals we are taking action on!

It has been a struggle, there has been hardship, sacrifice and lots of stress - but there has been more things on the positive spectrum that has kept us fueled to move forward towards our big goal. Thank you to all our fans, supporters, loved ones and mentors along the way. We couldn’t do this without the love & support. Cheers to the future of what is to come!

Blake & Amanda



We are a husband and wife startup.
It's a partnership on so many levels <3 

We are bootstrapping.
Worth the struggle and we couldn't do it without your support. It's what fuels us.

We do everything in house.

We create, make and deliver our own products.
We also do all our own branding, design, marketing, sales, distribution, build outs and everything in between.

We are geeks. We love ingredients.
Check out our GEEK OUT blog.

We love juice.
Since we started this journey from a juice company it's obvious that juice ( JUICEMADE's green juice) is our fuel.

For more insight into who, what, where, why...
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