We were introduced to superfoods over 10 years ago when we were on our journey of getting healthy. We were juicing, making smoothies and our first Superfood Coffee which didn't taste very good at all. Blake started researching superfoods, berries, roots, herbs, mushrooms, barks & the list goes on. He fell in love with ingredients, flavors and sourcing from small farms all over the world.


Our ingredients are about quality not labels. When we first started we went through hundreds of pounds of produce before finding what we loved. We spent hundreds of dollars on different types of cacao before finding the 'one'. Every time we source new ingredients it's hours of research, lots of samples and a fun time tasting and batch testing.


100% Organic? Not quite. We originally were and wanted to be. It's the thing to do right? BUT as we started meeting farmers & visited their farms, we realized that many of the small local farms here in San Diego were higher quality than the "organic certified" produce we were purchasing. The flavor, color, and freshness was unreal. We made a decision to source quality over labels and for that reason we can never be classified since we will always source locally from little farms certified and uncertified. 

Over 85% of our produce is certified organic.

Local Farms we source from:
Maciel Organic Family Farm, Good Taste Farm, Smit Farms & many more!


We source our water from Palomar Mountain Spring. It's an artesian spring water that is naturally filtered by mother earth, balanced and local. So grateful to be able to source pure spring water and use it for all our beverages!


Sourcing superfoods from all over the world is our passion. From a small coffee farm in Tanzania to a lush soursop farm in Brazil. The most enjoyable, relaxing part of this business is sitting outside in the sun, taste testing superfoods that were just delivered minutes ago. It brings us joy, inspiration and lots of fun. We have a library of over 500+ ingredients and 80% of which people have never heard of or used. For more about our Superfoods check out GEEK OUT!


We have awesome coffee partners that we are constantly working with to source unique specialty coffee. Our signature Organic Peruvian is our staple, everything else is picked by flavor, region, quality and application. For example, we love our Ethiopian for espresso and our Guatemalan for a classic drip. We are creating a coffee farm page where you can virtual visit the farms and meet the coffee farmers we are sourcing from.